Impact - Advocacy Training


“The course exceeded my expectations”

Care Act (Unit 313) Learner

“[The course] really enabled me to think about my current practice and identify areas to improve”

Advocacy Management (Unit 307) Learner

“I came quite raw and learned so much. I found it exciting and I enjoyed the exchange of ideas and experiences”

Introduction to Advocacy (Unit 201) Learner

“Excellent teaching and learning style – very delegate centered, plenty of interaction and activities”

Non-Instructed Advocacy Training Learner Feedback

“[The tutor] created a safe environment to explore complex issues. Very enjoyable. Thank you”

Equality & Diversity CPD Training Learner Feedback


“[Advocacy Training’s] in-depth understanding of the principles and practice of advocacy means that they are able to offer a high-quality learning programme…the centre makes very good use of technology to support learners (particularly to increase accessibility, e.g. for deaf learners).

The centre gives a great deal of attention to the learning process with excellent examples of the support given to learners by assessors and comprehensive and constructive IQA [Internal Quality Assurance] feedback…the learner interviewed on the telephone was very positive about how the programme had helped her develop within her role and gave examples of how she had used her learning to develop practice within her team”.

City & Guilds External Quality Assurer (EQA) Audit Report, January 2019


“This has been an amazing learning journey – a course that has thoroughly informed my practice and helped me to develop professionally and in a very positive way. Thanks to great encouragement and motivation from my assessor, I feel my clients and I have truly benefited enormously. Thank you!”

Newly Qualified Independent Care Act Advocate (ICAA)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for guiding me through this process. It has been a huge learning curve and I have truly grown in confidence in my practice. This includes being more assertive and sharing ideas with colleagues in the team – but more importantly it has helped me to focus even more on the clients and what is crucial to them in each of their worlds. In essence, advocacy is the root of all that we do in the organisation and this additional knowledge and understanding is invaluable in sustaining this. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore topics in more depth, I feel that this has definitely enhanced the course outcomes for my own professional development. Your knowledge, insight and dedication have been inspirational.”

Newly Qualified Advocate (Adults)

“The learners have clearly learnt loads as they have spoken about it lots since returning”

Self-Advocacy Training Organiser Feedback

“The assessor was very compassionate and thoughtful, yet she was really motivating. It is my opinion that she is an extremely good assessor. The diploma course was a lot of work, but I did learn a lot and enjoyed it. At the beginning I thought I know more than I really did! It is a worthwhile course and would recommend it to anyone working in the field.”

Newly Qualified Advocate (IMCA & DoLS QIA Diploma)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help and support in getting me through my QIA. I feel that you went above and beyond the call of duty. I feel extremely happy and relieved. Many many thanks once again”

Newly Qualified Advocate (Adults)

“I always feel someone that has done the job has the best practice knowledge”

QIA Core Units Learner


“My assessor made quick contact with me at the start of the assessment and was able to find out my working style and suggest ways for us to work together that suited me. She explained the process well and made quick feedback with all assignments, giving extensive and understandable comments. My assessor was available whenever I requested support via email or telephone. I received excellent support from my assessor.”

Newly Qualified Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)

“I started the training process feeling slightly anxious about the additional amount of work required to learn the subject really well, which is what I wanted to do.  I attended the course and found the tutors very experienced and supportive.  The courses were well structured, well presented and I really enjoyed the content and learning experience. I feel I have gained a lot from opportunities to reflect on my work.  Thank you for a very useful and valuable learning journey.”

Newly Qualified Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)

“My assessor was very friendly from the very start and made me feel at ease. Her directions were easy to follow and I felt able to go back to her at any point to clarify things as she was very approachable. I felt she gave me lots of positive feedback and guided me in the right direction when I needed to change or add things to my tasks. I started this qualification when I hadn’t done any advocacy work before. It has helped me immensely in my work role to understand the role and work effectively in advocacy.”

Newly Qualified Advocate (Adults)


“I thought the programme was perfect. Advocacy is such a vast area. This one-day training took care of all main important aspects and included practical exercises/exchanges with others. We could leave the rest to self-study and we were well helped by [the trainer] and signposted to do just that. The trainer was very inspirational and motivational!”

Community General Advocacy CPD Training Learner Feedback

“The tutor had a passion for the subject. From that, for me, all else will follow.”

Community General Advocacy CPD Training Learner Feedback

“The course was everything I hoped it would be, thank you”

Non-Instructed Advocacy Training Learner Feedback