Unit 201: Introduction to Advocacy - Advocacy Training

This City & Guilds Level 2 Unit award is a knowledge-based unit, which gives a general introduction and overview of independent advocacy and the role of the independent advocate.

The requirements are attendance at a one day course followed by an assessed submission of two pieces of written work.

Distance and Classroom Learning pathways.

It was helpful having an experienced advocate provide the training.

Unit 201 Course, delivered by Tracey

I came quite raw and learned so much. I found it exciting and I enjoyed the exchange of ideas and experiences

C&G Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

Exceptional teaching - managed to keep the class engaged all day.

Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

I really liked the exercises, an engaging and fun way to learn

C&G Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

Very good mix and variation of activities and group work to keep us engaged

C&G Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

Good, friendly, inclusive and knowledgeable tutor

C&G Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

I thoroughly enjoyed the course

Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

I was very impressed by your attention to the process of learning and the detailed guidance and support that you give

Feedback Post Visit by City & Guilds External Quality Assurer (EQA), May 2018

The journey was worth it.

Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

Excellent - lots of variety in activities throughout the day

C&G Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

I found it interesting sharing stories & hearing about others' work

Unit 201 Course, delivered by Caroline

This course is a good place to start if you are looking at a new career in advocacy.

Alternatively, if you are a professional working with advocates, have elements of advocacy in your professional role, or you are simply interested in what advocacy is, this will be a useful course for you.

You do not need to be working as an advocate to complete the two assignments and gain the qualification.

Course Aim:

This unit aims to provide learners with an understanding of what Independent Advocacy is and the principles which underpin good practice.

The four learning outcomes are:

  1. Understand the principles of Independent Advocacy
  2. Understand the role of the Independent Advocate
  3. Understand communication methods used in Independent Advocacy
  4. Understand equality, diversity and inclusion


This unit will be of interest to volunteer advocates, trustees of independent advocacy organisations with no previous independent advocacy experience, administration staff, people who work alongside advocacy, people who want to have a general understanding of independent advocacy or those who wish to start a new career as an advocate.

Unit 201 can be taken as an accredited course through distance or classroom learning, along with the completion of two written assignments, guided by an assessor.

City & Guilds Accredited course cost: £300.00 per person.

  • Cost includes distance or classroom learning, C&G registration, course materials, 12 months assessor support and C&G certification.

You can also attend the classroom training only these units for continuing professional development (CPD), where no assessed work is required.

Classroom attendance for CPD costs £120.00 per person per day. 

  • Cost includes classroom attendance, course materials and a certificate of attendance from Advocacy Training


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