QIA Core Units: 301-304 - Advocacy Training

The City & Guilds accredited Qualification in Independent Advocacy (QIA) is the primary recognised qualification for independent advocates.

I was very impressed by your attention to the process of learning and the detailed guidance and support that you give

Feedback Post Visit by City & Guilds External Quality Assurer (EQA), May 2018

Inclusive, well paced, enjoyable and flexible - you don't often find that in a trainer

BSL Interpreter Feedback During C&G QIA Core Unit Training, delivered by Caroline

The interactive elements, group work, role play etc were particularly useful

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

Caroline was very capable, brought everyone into the conversation and was clear about aims and outcomes

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

Caroline was excellent: knowledgeable, helpful, practical, approachable and thoroughly lovely

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

The course exceeded my expectations

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

All aspects interesting and pertinent

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

I enjoyed discussions of values with other trainees, really useful to get different perspectives

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

Caroline was very knowledgeable and open to full debate

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

The best course I've attended for a long time!

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

Very knowledgeable, engaging and inclusive tutor

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

I really enjoyed the sharing, reflection and opportunity to network

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

Really interactive and thought provoking

Core Units - Tutor Caroline Taborn -Oct 18

City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate

Open Access course (Core Unit course & Specialist Unit course)

The Certificate comprises four core units (301 – 304) plus one specialist unit, chosen depending on the type of advocacy role learners are in or would like to specialise in. See C&G Courses for further details about the specialist units.

The four core units are delivered in a two day training course, whilst specialist units may be delivered in a one- or two- day training course.

C&G Core Units

301 – Purpose and Principles of Independent Advocacy

This unit aims to provide learners with an understanding of what Independent Advocacy is and how to use the values and principles which underpin good practice. The unit also focuses on the different models of advocacy, their history and why they exist.

302 – Providing Independent Advocacy Support

This unit focuses on the practicalities of offering Independent Advocacy support (such as explaining advocacy and promoting self advocacy). It aims to develop the skills which will enable candidates to establish safe boundaries within the independent Advocacy relationship. It also addresses practical strategies to ensure effective outcomes for the person receiving advocacy support.

303 – Maintaining the Independent Advocacy Relationship

This unit focuses on the practical challenges found within advocacy and how to respond to these. The taught sessions will explore offering confidentiality, engaging in supervision, dealing with conflict and how to keep and maintain effective records. The taught session will also provide learners with opportunity to reflect on their personal motivation and sources of power which underpin their efforts in their advocacy role.

304 – Responding to the Advocacy Needs of Different Groups of People

This unit equips learners with an understanding of how to respond to the specific advocacy needs of different people.

Please note: our City & Guilds Units 301 through to 310 & 313 are ‘competency-based’ i.e. assessed by producing a portfolio of evidence to meet the learning outcomes. You therefore must be working as an independent advocate to draw from your current practice for your portfolio of evidence. 


The full Qualification in Independent Advocacy (QIA) package – completing the four Core Units plus one of the Specialist Units is £1,500 per person.

Prices of accredited pathways include attendance at training, registration, course materials, 12 months assessor support and C&G certification

The Core Units can be taken as a stand-alone accredited course. This costs £1,200 per person, all costs included.

*Completing the four Core Units as a stand-alone accredited course will achieve City & Guilds’ Certificates of Unit Credit. This route will not achieve the full qualification.

You can also attend the training only these units for continuing professional development (CPD), where no assessed work is required. You do not need to be working in independent advocacy to attend for CPD. To do this costs £120 per person per day. No VAT.

If you would like to discuss in-house training options with us for this accredited course, or as CPD, for groups of 6-12 attendees per two-day delivery, please email info@advocacytraining.org.uk or get in touch via the Contact form and we will be happy to help.

We do not charge VAT on any of our courses.