Booking Terms & Conditions - Advocacy Training

1. There can be no substitutions for the learner(s) or unit(s) detailed on the accepted booking form

2. Cost of course(s) valid for 12 months only from date of booking acceptance

3. A £40 non-refundable admin fee applies for non-attendance/cancellation of business

4. Where learner unable to attend course booked & paid for, the booking will be carried forward (x1 only) and a place on next course will be offered. No refund is provided

5. Any negotiation to extend assessor support beyond the 12 months time frame given for portfolio completion is subject to additional costs

6. Distance Learning booked & paid for is valid for 12 months from booking date

7. If the number of attendees falls below our minimum for any of our accredited open access courses, we reserve the right to cancel the training and transfer accredited learners to our distance learning pathway. This will not impact the learner’s ability to complete the qualification. Notice will be given. We do not take responsibility for any expenses incurred as a result of this action. No refund is provided.

8. Declaration: Level 3-5 Accredited courses –  submitting a booking form confirms that you can evidence independent advocacy practice to achieve the qualification

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